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Ultra Hard Material Processing  
  LPC 12



Technical Specifications
Laser Source Nd:YAG, 1060nm
Laser Peak Power Output ≥80W
Laser Beam Diameter <0.15mm
Laser Frequency 30-300Hz
Laser Pulse Width 50-300µs
Power Stability Continuius work for 8 hours(±2%)
Power Qty 2
Stroke of Motorized X-Y Stage Linear Motor Step Motor
220x220nm 200x200nm
Repeat Precision(µm) 3 3
Max. Procession Speed(mm/s) 5
Max. Moving Speed(mm/s) 40 10
Nominal Load of the Stage(kg) 20 5
Max Clamping Size 200x200mm
Real-time Monitoring Coaxial CCD camera, with crosshair
Fixture Magnetic or Pneumatic Fixture
Total Power Consumption(~KW) 17
Main Unit 11.4
Chiller 5.6
Cooling Capacity(KW) 14.8
System Floor Space(M2) 12 12
Main Frame Size 2560x753x1600mm(LxWxH)
Chiller Size 1000x700x1450(LxWxH)
Total Weight(Kg) 1100 1100

Processing Capability (For reference, actual value will be different sharply with different cutting materials)

Main Application PDC, PCD, PCBN
Nominal Cutting Speed 1.6mm/s for 1.6mm PCD
0.3mm/s for 1304PDC
0.8mm/s for 1.5mm CVD
Minimum Kerf Width 0.1mm
Cut Face Perpendicularity <0.05mm/2.0mm
Thermal Damage Area <0.05mm(Under certin power)
Technical Conditions
Power 380V, 50-60Hz, Tri-phase five-line
Voltage fluctuation<5%, reliable good ground connection,
Environment No dust, no vibration
Temperature:15°C-30 °C
Cooling Water DI water, electrical resistivity>1MΩ*cm
Compressed Air No dust, water vapor and grease dirt.
2-6 atmospheric pressure.
Dust Evacuation Air exhust device is needed when generating considerable curring dusts. Exhust air rate is no less than10m³/h
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