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Ultra Hard Material Processing  
  LPC 80N



LCP80N series of superhard materials laser cutting machine is mainly used for more than the thickness of 4mm superhard materials, DXF compatible image format 雷泰克 company continues to research and development, to try and improve the next, greatly improving the beam quality at high power on the basis of PCBN cut on a major breakthrough.

Processing range
Able to PDC, CBN, ceramics, PCBN and other materials for efficient and precise cutting, chamfering and drilling. Capable of 1304,1308 and other complex pieces cut and trimmed.

Technical Specifications
Model LPC80N
Laser Source Nd:YAG, 1064nm
Laser Peak Power Output ≥120W
Maximum cutting thickness 8mm PDC (double-sided cutting)
Cutting speed 1304 cut through speed 0.4mm/s
Laser frequency 0-300Hz
Power Stability Not less than 8 hours
Optics II-VI
Stroke of Motorized X-Y Stage Linear Motor Step Motor
220x220mm 200x200mm
Resolution(µm) 1 1
Repeat Precision(µm) 3 7
Maintenace Cycle 24 months 6 months
Max. Moving Speed(mm/s) 20mm/s 10mm/s
Nominal Load of the Stage(kg) Less than 15Kg Less than 15Kg
Control System
Cutting control software Process 2012
Operating system Windows XP
Mapping Software ZW CAD
Computer IPC
Security Feature
Cooling System Lasers work to ensure a safe temperature
Security window 1064nm wavelength laser shield with safety locks

Cooling System

Chiier size 1500 × 650 × 1450mm (L × W × H)
Output power 5.6KW
Technical Conditions
Power 380V, 50Hz, Tri-phase five-line
Environment Clean, no vibration
Temperature:15°C-30 °C
Cooling Water DI water, electrical resistivity>5MΩ
Compressed Air No dust, water vapor and grease dirt.
3-7 atmospheric pressure.
Dust Evacuation When there is a large cutting dust, exhaust devices need to exhaust the amount of not less than 10m³/h.
Total power consumption 11.5KW (host), 5.6KW (chiller) (maximum power consumption)
Main Frame Size 2560x754x1550mm(LxWxH)
Focus System Electric Z axis (automatic)
Power Meter Online power detection
Rotating laser head The maximum rotation angle of 30 °
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